Why Relevante? Our Approach is Simple: We do the Heavy Lifting for You.

It’s our goal to take on all aspects of searching and screening, and to create a partnership with our clients. We strive to give you peace of mind, knowing that you have a partner to connect you with qualified candidates who are worth taking the time to interview and consider.

Why Relevante

    Our clients face a myriad of challenges when searching for new hires. They need personnel who can dedicate the time and work required to source and screen candidates. Many companies do not have access to the recruiting platforms to search for candidates, and do not want the expense of investing in all of them. Some staffing agencies will slow the process by referring unqualified candidates, who may not have the right combination of skill sets to fit the client’s needs.

    Besides having the necessary skills for the job, clients want a candidate who has a strong work ethic, fits into the company culture, and is easy to work with. They want the ability to target their competition for candidates. Relevante can streamline the hiring process and guide you through it.

    Relevante has the advantage of longevity, having been in business since 2002. We have experienced Business Development Managers who are experts in sourcing, screening, and placing candidates. During the Job Intake process, our Business Development Managers know which questions to ask to truly understand the skill sets of the job you want to fill.

    We consult with our clients on the different aspects of their open positions, such as job description, job title, relocation packages, and salary. Our experts are trained to identify shortcomings in your job title that may hold you back from connecting with qualified candidates. For example, there are so many different specialties under the umbrella of “software developer” that it can be difficult to find a candidate with the specific skill set combination to fit the position.

    Additionally, some candidates may not consider your position because they do not understand the job title or requirements. With this in mind, we might suggest an alternate, more specific job title to attract the attention of qualified candidates. For example, if a PHP developer were needed, we would narrow the search to PHP developers specifically rather than spend time on a broader, more general search for a software developer. And we would market the job as a PHP developer.

    We use the most up-to-date software and maintain memberships to the latest recruiting platforms, and we have Recruiting Specialists in all major job categories. Our expertise also includes screening for the correct skills you need in anyone you interview. Our Specialists can also recruit in every major job category and fill any open positions, making us an asset to clients who have multiple types of jobs to fill.

    We are a national company and serve all North America, but despite having the power of a large corporation, we function like a boutique agency. We work with you individually and give you a single point of contact. When you work with us, you are our priority.