What are MarTech Employees and Why Do They Matter?

As time goes by more and more companies have been shifting marketing efforts away from traditional venues and media toward digital technology, platforms, tools, and services. Although things have been moving in this direction for decades, the COVID pandemic accelerated the trend.

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    MarTech has made it possible for organizations to test, track and modify, every piece of communication they publish.

    MarTech has made it possible for organizations to test, track and modify, every piece of communication they publish.

    MarTech gives you the power to influence constituents and prospects, monitor the behavior of leads and customers, and observe the movement of a prospect through your sales lead generation and sales process.

    At this time, it is certain your company is already using at least some MarTech tools and platforms. Almost every tool helping you inform, educate, persuade, entertain, nurture, sell, convert, attract or track people are MarTech. The tools you are now using might be optimal for your needs, or there could be more fitting solutions out there for you.

    Moving forward, it is important to have a MarTech strategy in place and allow that plan to guide your choices of MarTech investments. You should have qualified MarTech personnel on board to make intelligent and informed choices.

    Smaller companies might need a few specialists and a select list of digital marketing tools. Larger organizations might have dozens of solutions and a large team of MarTech specialists.

    Large companies might have a Chief Marketing Technologist – a hybrid senior executive bridging Marketing and IT.

    Businesses need to think deeply on their strategy and choose between the growing array of choices. They also need to plan ahead to recruit and hire the best MarTech experts possible.

    What is MarTech?

    MarTech is a mixture of technology, know-how, strategies, and tactics used to communicate, sell, convert, test, and automate marketing and communications initiatives.

    MarTech allows marketers to make data-driven real-time decisions. It helps them personalize and improve campaigns, funnels, and sales processes. MarTech lets you automate and test any part of the marketing communications process.

    MarTech helps you create, publish, modify and split-test with ever-increasing ease and speed and gives you the tools needed to execute effective marcom efforts.

    As demand grows for MarTech solutions, so does the need for experts that know how to create, operate and alter digital tech to achieve an organization’s marketing goals.

    Here are some of the main benefits of the marketing technology revolution:

    Marketing Automation

    With automated marketing, you can manage many marketing communications channels at one time.

    Automated marketing systems make it possible to repeat and personalize certain tasks and communications over and over as needed.

    You can send customized messages designed to push prospects and leads along the sales process –depending on the actions taken on your website.

    Better Customer Service

    Customers were already growing smarter and more well-informed before the digital revolution. Now technological change is adding fuel to this trend.

    Potential customers and clients can look up information instantly on the problem or need they are experiencing. They can also research potential solutions, your company, its products as well as the competition.

    MarTech also gives businesses the ability to meet the growing needs of customers. It also makes it possible to serve, educate, inform and entertain people in a more personalized manner.

    Direct Audience Engagement

    MarTech tools allow you to manage social media in a way that achieves your organizational goals. With social media, MarTech makes it possible to gather statistics, automate and schedule messaging, issue reports and meet online to collaborate.

    MarTech lets you know who is using your content, when, where, and even why. You can now track every action anyone takes on your website and you can send them personalized content based on their behavior. Marketing technology also allows companies to remarket to past buyers and prospects.

    Improved Lead Generation

    No marketing campaign can happen without leads. MarTech has made it possible to generate a large volume of high-quality business leads faster than ever before.

    Some of the chief lead generation methods are online ads, SEO (Search Engine Marketing), and email campaigns.

    Multi-Channel Data Collection and Analysis

    MarTech makes it possible to track and observe prospect and consumer behavior across the sales cycle. Now, marketing technology even makes it possible to track behavior across multiple platforms at once. This is aided by the proliferation of digital devices, including phones and tablets.

    Enhanced Alignment Between Marcom Efforts and Goals

    The data generated by MarTech tools can be used to ensure that sales and marketing efforts are in complete alignment with organizational strategic goals. Strategic copy can be modified as needed on an ongoing basis.

    Easier Analysis

    MarTech can allow you to collect and analyze data based on online activity. The information collected can help you understand where your marketing efforts are succeeding and falling short.

    Simple Website and Platform Building

    MarTech has made it much easier, quicker, and cheaper to produce websites. MarTech experts are definitely needed to keep lead generation and sales systems producing positive results.

    Better ROI and Conversion Rates

    Emerging marketing technology has made it easy to run split tests on copy, design elements, and every other aspect of a marketing and communications campaign.

    Some prominent examples of popular MarTech tools:

    Digital Media and Social Media Advertising Platforms

    • Google Ads
    • Facebook Ads
    • LinkedIn Ads
    • Microsoft Advertising
    • YouTube Ads
    • Amazon Ads
    • Instagram Ads
    • TikTok Ads

    Content Management Platforms (CMP) and Ecommerce

    • WordPress
    • Joomla
    • Magneto
    • Ghost
    • Drupal
    • Wix
    • PrestaShop
    • SquareSpace
    • Zoho
    • Shopify
    • HubSpot

    Some Popular Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) Tools

    • Google Analytics
    • Heap
    • Adobe Analytics
    • CRO Checker
    • Google Optimize 360
    • LiveChat
    • Crazy Egg
    • Hotjar
    • Full Story
    • Popupsmart
    • GoogleForms

    There are overlap between the functions in many of these technologies. In addition to these popular and well-known examples, there are also many to choose from in the areas of Email Management, Talent Management, Finance and Budgeting, Product Management, Online Collaboration, Project and Workflow Management and more.

    Tips for Using MarTech Effectively

    Ask Yourself Whether Technology is Required at All

    MarTech and the employees that go with it are a significant investment and take commitment to manage effectively. You should never adopt new technology just because of a sense of pressure to keep up with the times. Every technological solution your company adopts should support your strategy and be judged based on the Return on Investment (ROI) it produces.

    Stick to the Basics

    It is tempting to chase after every new piece of technology that enters the market, especially if you know or suspect your competition is using it.

    But there are thousands of choices, and you are better off sticking with a few tools and platforms that you have the expertise to run profitably. Your MarTech experts should understand how each piece of technology fits into the organization’s strategy and goals. Every piece of technology you adopt should support the organization’s goals.

    Let the Marketing Strategy Guide MarTech

    The entire purpose of investing in MarTech tools and personnel is to support the corporate marketing strategy. Every tool should help achieve marketing objectives.

    Hire Good People When MarTech is Vital for Success

    When you have considered your goals and decided your business requires the adoption of technology, get the right qualified MarTech employees on staff to help you use the technology intelligently.

    MarTech specialists are a bridge between the Marketing and IT Departments. They understand both worlds and speak the language of each. You will need some good MarTech people in your company when you decide that your technology needs to translate into real competitive advantage.

    Qualified MarTech staff can look at your needs and recommend rational, informed options for MarTech investment. MarTech experts can collect and analyze data and translate these into meaningful business insights. They can communicate between technical and non-tech employees. They can also help you make intelligent choices when it comes to privacy issues. We are entering a future without 3rd party cookies, and privacy is becoming a major strategic concern.

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    Some of the positions:

    • Affiliate Managers
    • Social Media Manager
    • Director of digital marketing
    • Search Engine Marketing Manager
    • Search engine Optimization specialists
    • Website Designer
    • Website Development
    • Paid Media Manager
    • Content manager
    • Graphic Designer