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What Sales and Marketing Superstars Can Do for a Company. Sales and marketing employees make things happen. These roles are arguably the most critical in contributing to your competitive advantage.

Sales and Marketing Professionals | Relevante is an innovative recruiting, staffing, and consulting firm

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    Talented salespeople promote your products and services to bring money into the business. Marketers craft compelling stories about your company’s products and the organization and draw the best potential customers to your sales team.

    However, sales and marketing people are notoriously fickle when picking a company to work with. As a result, these jobs can be the most difficult to fill.

    Sales and marketing professionals have a unique mix of expertise and personal qualities that makes them a bit special.  It is critical your company understands these peculiarities and develops a strategy to find, engage and recruit the best talent available.

    Sales and marketing professionals like competitive pay at a company that fits their goals and personality. Recent surveys show that close to 70% are looking for a new job at any given time. Top marketing and sales talent thrive in environments that let them contribute, evolve, and grow.

    Marketing and sales staff like to be mentored, challenged and recognized for a job well done. They value well-structured professional development and training. They want to continually improve their skills and value constructive feedback. They are more likely to remain with a company if they feel it has invested in them. Top talent in these fields also tends to favor flexible schedules and often, hybrid or remote work.

    Having top-level marketing and sales staff can mean the difference between failure and success, and so the hiring process can be daunting. Marketing and sales candidates usually field several interviews at once, and there are currently more jobs available than candidates. Hiring managers must be as prepared as possible to attract and keep the best talent.

    Relevante has a deep understanding of the market for sales and marketing candidates. Our recruiters know where to find elite talent and how to attract their attention.

    We Take Our Time – And Pay Attention…

    Relevante understands the challenges faced by talent acquisition managers in finding qualified employees. We never move too quickly or push candidates into roles they don’t fit. Our candidates are well-vetted, qualified, and reliable, and prove to be wise investments time and time again.

    Relevante has a team of seasoned recruiters with extensive experience in targeted industries. Many of our staff have backgrounds in technology and can speak the language of our valued clientele. They possess deep insight into the qualifications needed for specific jobs and how to grow with evolving times.

    You might be surprised at how stress-free the talent acquisition process can be when you work with us. We will bring you candidates you will want to meet. We are agile and recognize the difference between committed, reliable professionals and those who may move on too quickly.

    We find top candidates with a multi-faceted approach and utilize both active and passive talent acquisition strategies. We leverage every tool we have at our disposal including the latest recruiting platforms, social media, and our internal candidate network.

    Our candidates go through a sophisticated screening, testing, and analysis system, which helps us facilitate a more ideal fit both in terms of personality and skill sets. When you hire with Relevante, you know our candidates have gone through several layers of process to ensure a solid fit.

    The best marketing and sales candidates look for strong companies rather than jobs, and we can help you put this knowledge to effective use. We provide candidates with industry experience who want to work for your company and hit your goals, rather than just maintain employment.

    A Sample of the Sales and Marketing Roles You Can Find With Relevante:

    • Inside Sales Representative
    • Outside Sales Representative
    • Vice President of Sales
    • Vice President of Marketing
    • Chief Marketing Officer
    • Interactive Marketing Manager
    • Art Director
    • Marketing Manager
    • SEO Professional
    • Digital Marketing Professional
    • Marketing Analyst
    • Graphic Designer
    • Business Development Professional
    • Senior Marketing Manager
    • Sales Coordinator
    • Copywriter
    • Copy Editor
    • Marketing Coordinator
    • Creative Director
    • Marketing Operations Manager
    • Sales Development Representative
    • Account Executive

    And many more…

    Modern Trends

    Changes in peoples’ working preferences have made talent acquisition more difficult and complex.

    The global pandemic brought remote and hybrid work to the forefront of the marketplace, and now record-high gas prices make commuting even less attractive to candidates.

    These forces have led to a myriad of new challenges while a shortage of qualified talent persists. And when you need new staff onboard fast, the hiring process can be stressful and chaotic.

    These trends are making certain considerations more important when looking for a new employee. Hiring managers may want to consider creative incentives such as offering better bonuses, paid time off, flex schedules, or relocation expenses. Today’s talent acquisition managers should be a little creative and think about what can be offered. Relevante is here to help.

    Why You Need to Work With a Recruiter Like Relevante

    Hiring managers know it can be a Herculean task to find and keep great marketers and salespeople. The talent is out there waiting to be hired, but finding them takes a lot of work, a forward-thinking approach, and a certain finesse. The good news is that a proven professional recruiter can give you an advantage over the competition.

    Relevante can help you long before the interview process begins. We’ll examine your needs and define our strategy to market your open position effectively.  We then use this strategy to pre-qualify people you may want to interview. And when you find a qualified and interested candidate you’d like to speak with —we can help you follow up quickly in a way that makes your company stand out and secures the employment contract.

    Work with Relevante. We take the pressure off and reduce the likelihood of a costly bad hire, even in a job climate in which many good candidates have multiple offers. We’ll help you grow your team and your business. We’ll reduce your time to fill key positions, control costs, and leverage your brand to attract the best candidates.