Relevante – Your Proven Source for Your Technology Staffing Needs.

Every part of your sourcing, hiring, staffing, and training processes must be technologically oriented and laser-focused to support intelligent and flexible strategic goals.

Technology Professional | Relevante is an innovative recruiting, staffing, and consulting firm

    Your staff needs to have impeccable technical and interpersonal skills that fit your company culture. Technical personnel should understand your mission and how they fit into the bigger picture. They should be critical thinkers able to communicate your Unique Value Proposition as well as anyone else in the company.

    Organizations continue to have insufficient qualified candidates and are experiencing competition from other employers. With limited time and resources, recruiting teams are increasingly unable to do everything needed to find the most talented technical people.

    Talent acquisition managers are under pressure to offer competitive compensation and benefits to obtain the best technical talent possible.

    Demand for technical specialists is expanding, and the market lacks enough professionals to fill the growing number of positions. Relevante finds the best technical candidates for companies that are great places to work and grow.

    Do you need to place a qualified technical professional right away?

    We’ve built our vast, data-rich database over twenty years and we are certain to have the technical candidate with the right mix of technical and personal skills your organization needs to help it navigate today’s evolving environment.

    Relevante provides direct hires, single contract consultants, special project managers, contract-to-permanent employment, and direct placements.

    The talented technical professionals you can find at Relevante include:

    • Software Engineer
    • Web Developer
    • Data Modeler
    • Cloud Architect
    • Lead Programmer
    • Database Administrator
    • Information Security Analyst
    • Systems Analyst
    • Systems Engineer
    • Business Analyst/Project Manager
    • Systems Administrator
    • Mobile Developer
    • Java Developer
    • Business Intelligence Developer
    • Data Scientist
    • Chief Data Officer
    • Network Architect
    • Digital Marketing Manager

    and many more…

    Long-Term Relationship Building

    Our working relationship will depend on where you are now and what you plan to achieve. We build long-term connections and do not push candidates into placements for which they are not an ideal fit.

    Ranging from dynamic start-ups to Forbes list majors, our clients are innovative, successful, prestigious organizations.  Our candidates are talented critical thinkers and communicators.

    We’ve created a reputation for reliability and solid judgment over many years. We look further than qualifications and understand that a candidate needs to fit into the hiring organization’s culture.

    We keep up with ever-changing industry trends; we understand the need for data to drive recruiting processes. We use data, technology, and experience to allow us to be strategic and quickly tap into pools of applicants that organizations would have a hard time finding by themselves.

    Our broad-based industry exposure and deep understanding of our client’s needs have helped us diminish turnover and facilitate long-term placements that are a good fit with organizational cultures, missions, and goals.

    The business landscape has been one of continuous change for several decades. Today, however, global, tech-savvy competition is creating a situation in which doing business means dealing with daily, chaotic, evolutionary transformation and challenges.

    Companies need to be on the top of their game just to survive in this environment, and there is no sign that anything will take us off the unpredictable path we are now on.

    Organizations need people with awareness, agility, innovation as well as the most up-to-date technological skills. They need real-time information and the ability to adapt and evolve with your clients’ needs. And the coming wave of next-generation AI-driven applications seems set to quicken the pace and complicate the playing field even further.

    Relevante understands these challenges and is here to help as your reliable, steady hand for professional technical recruitment.